Orthodontic Marketing and Consulting That Works


As an orthodontist, the struggle of managing your business along with providing excellent patient care can take a heavy toll on you personally and emotionally. If you are like many orthodontists, you have subscribed to the prevailing thought that a brand name consultant can wave a magic wand can make your problems disappear.

We are not the biggest orthodontic consulting group and we don’t want to be.  Our client focus results in a relationship where you feel secure and comfortable to ask for our advice on your practices’ issues whether big or small.

Have you attended one of those popular orthodontic consulting  seminars and gotten excited about the possibilities for your practice, only to return to a busy office, a waiting room full of patients and a pile of paperwork to review?  Weeks or months go by and nothing changes except the realization that you alone can’t implement the change.

Ortho Solutions Group takes a different approach by basing our success on what we can coach you to do without us. Unlike traditional consultants, OSG’s mission is to help our clients by customizing solutions to fit each practice’s needs. We spend time in your practice working with you and your staff to assess your strengths and weaknesses.  Once completed, we design a comprehensive plan to address your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.  If your practice lacks the necessary resources, we can do the work for you.

When you engage Ortho Solutions Group you are not buying a product, you are forming a relationship.


One of the most critical components of your practice is attracting new patients.  We have a comprehensive program to increase your starts




More prospects calling your office=more consults=more starts.  Every step of the way is dependent on the step prior.  How well does your sales funnel work?


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If you are ready for growth and want someone to coach you to success, you need to contact us today.  We only partner with a select group of practices to work with them on building a custom plan.

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